Virtual Buildings Information System

The Virtual Buildings Information System facilitates transfer of valuable information from digital construction processes to building owners and facility managers. Developed with significant assistance from the Victorian Government’s Future Industries Sector Growth Program the system is based on an open syntax standard that will be freely available to the market.



Building Information Modelling has been adopted to a high degree within the Australian building construction industry. Sophisticated digital models and associated data sets are created with a primary focus on productivity improvements in the design and construction phase of buildings.

There remains a significant gap between the models and data sets being used for construction, and the hand-over of useful information to facility managers. There is also a functional disconnect between the modelling and the data set content that is useful to facility managers such as operating and maintenance procedures, technical data sheets, schedules of equipment, commissioning and warranty information.

As a consequence, digital models and their associated data sets are significantly under-utilised post construction and their potential to support improved ongoing facility management, operation and maintenance is largely unrealised.

Until now there has been no industry standard means to reference and link digital models to the store of facility management related information and thereby provide a practical means to draw useful data from construction into the facility management environment.


The Virtual Buildings Information System provides a standard syntax to permit generic and reliable links to be created between applications and data repositories, a standard labelling convention for the way data can be labelled, or tagged, and a logical parent/child relationship for data.

This straightforward system makes possible the calling up of useful information from a range of applications including Building Information Models and FM systems to link to associated data sets seamlessly, regardless of what stage in the building life-cycle.

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